Overview of how Master Affiliate Commission structure works

The multi tier Lariox affiliate program is designed to allow affiliates to refer traders and sub affiliates to Lariox with ease. We offer fast and easy automatic monthly earnings payouts and allow you to track your earnings inside your affiliate back-office account at any time. Our support team is always at your service. Reach out to us 24/7 with any questions or concerns. Use any of our proven marketing tools to appeal to potential clients while working directly with one of our experienced team of affiliate managers and marketing experts to create dynamic campaigns designed to boost your earnings.

How does

The Lariox affiliate program work?

The way it works is very simple. You promote us in a form preferred by you, using our unique link. When a customer joins via your link and begins to trade with real money, you can start earning a commission, that’s not all as we also introduced a multi-tier affiliate scheme.

How much

Can I earn?

Our multi tier affiliate scheme is perfectly designed for you to effectively build your down line, potentially letting your sub affiliates do all the hard work for you. Our tier structure goes 5 levels deep which means that you have massive scope of recruiting sub affiliates.

What is a

Multi-Tier Affiliate Scheme?

The system is a multi-tier structure with 5 levels, where customers can promote our brand using a unique affiliate link. Every time a new user clicks on the link, signs up and starts trading, the link owner earns $4.00 per traded lot.

Being this a multi-layer structure, our customer will continue earning up to TIER 5. Successfully reaching TIER 5 carries a capped, additional commission of $1.00 potentially boosting your earning power to $5.00 per traded lot.

Commission lasts a lifetime as long as your referrals continue to trade with Lariox. As soon as your affiliates start to trade, you can immediately start earning $4.00 per traded lot. When your referrals refer more traders, your commission can increase to $5.00! Commission is paid monthly into your MT4 account.


A master affiliate is an affiliate who has recruited other affiliates to partner with Lariox. The more affiliates a master recruits, the more the master affiliate can earn each month. A master affiliate will earn commission of each of his/her sub-affiliates total earnings per lot traded.​


An Affiliate or Introducing Broker (IB) is essentially an agent which introduces new customers to Lariox.


Traders is a person who buys / sells currencies, indices or cryptocurrencies.

The Master affiliate refers to a trader or more he will get $4 for every lot traded the traders trade and sell, but if the Master Affiliate refers a trader and this trader wants to refer another trader, who then refers another trader so on so forth he can earn up to another maximum of $1 per lot traded. We call this a multi-tier affiliate system and the percentages for referring more refferers are below :

The second part of the commission, which is for referring traders from the IB’s (Who will just trade and not refer), works the same as per below example :

The above is just an overview of how a Master Affiliate Commission structure works when any of the IB’s mentioned refers to another IB,they will automatically start their multi-tier scheme.


Media Pack

Lariox offers its affiliates a whole range of promotional material that will aid you in promoting your affiliate link.

If you require any additional promotional material then simply contact your affiliate manager through the portal and we will be more than happy to create them for you.